What’s That Stink on Rooney?

September 10, 2010 — by Sean1

Two parts of the Rooney Three-Way: Jennifer Thompson and Helen Wood

Wayne Rooney, this week’s scandal magnet, may not play against his old club Everton because Sir Alex feels the crowd treatment may unhinge the tiny bull. All this because he’s been caught in a threesome with professional sex-makers Helen Wood and Jennifer Thompson while his pregnant wife was at home, caring for the unborn Charlie Brown inside her womb. The Daily Mail has a sensitive and thoughtful piece on the matter:

For now, four days after the revelations that both women were paid £1,200 to have sex with Rooney, comes the reaction of their parents. Hamish and Danuta Thompson, who have heard their only daughter described as a prostitute and cocaine user, said they were shocked at her behaviour, spoke of their love and said they would face the crisis as a family. Despite being offered vast amounts to tell their own side of the story, Mr Thompson made it clear that while his daughter might have been prepared to flog her story to Sunday tabloids, the rest of the family were not – in any way – for sale.