Remember Adebayor?

September 9, 2010 — by Sean1

It’s tough to care much about the beginning of the european footballing season. After the buzz of the world cup and the always fun transfer drama, club football’s jerky starts seem less urgent. Then comes this international break, and we’re only now really getting started. (By the way, Neymar and Ganso are both injured and not playing for Santos at the moment, and with Robinho gone too I have a hard time wanting to tune in.)

So I went strolling around for a bit of news about this weekend’s matches, and came across this little piece about Emmanuel Adebayor. The article is a couple of weeks old, and has ripened with age. Adebayor has to fight for his position at City, but he’s acting like the starter’s role is owed to him. He sits on the bench, not with a hunger in his eye, but with a pissy look on his face. And when he doesn’t get to play he starts talking about a transfer. Kudos to senior football administrator, Brian Marwood for laying down the law.

“These players need to realise that if you are paying them, they are salaried, contracted and have obligations to their football club. They are part of the squad. They have to work hard to prove they are worth a place in the team. We are trying to create a very competitive environment at Manchester City. “