Suárez shows his fangs

November 23, 2010 — by Sean1

The Cannibal of Ajax

Uruguayan and Ajax striker Luis Suárez has been suspended from play by his own squad for biting PSV Eindhoven winger Otman Bakkal (you can hear the commentator reference Tyson in the video below).

Suárez and Forlan were so impressive during the summer’s World Cup, and we’ve hoped the best for the both. Forlan has been lackluster, but Suárez has 6 goals this season and though he’s not allowed to play in league matches for a couple games, he will be in play for the champions leagie match against Madrid.

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  • amy

    November 23, 2010 at 8:59 AM

    i think he was going for the ear! where’s mike tyson when you need him!! haha! first the round the world talked about handball now this! and i LOVE suarez! STILL do! xoxo

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