Gelukkige Verjaardag Ruud Krol!

March 24, 2011 — by Suman1

Ruud Krol at the 1978 World Cup - captaining the Dutch team with his lucky necklace

Ruud Krol, one of the original Dutch masters, was born in Amsterdam on this day in 1949. So: Gelukkige Verjaardag Ruud Krol!

Krol was part of the great Dutch generation of the 1970s: he played on the great Ajax side that was managed by Rinus Michels and led on the field by Johan Cruijff, Johan NeeskensPiet Keizer and Krol.  Together they famously won three consecutive UEFA European Cups (the precursor to today’s Champions League), and in doing so introduced totaalvoetbal to the world.

Indeed, Krol stayed at Ajax throughout the ’70s, after Cruiff and Neeskens had left for Barcelona and Keizer had also left the squad (for retirement?), leaving only in 1980 to spend a year with the Vancouver Whitecaps of NASL, followed by four seasons in Serie A with Napoli and a couple seasons in France with Cannes.

Krol was also a featured member of the great Dutch national teams of that era–the legendary 1974 team that was probably the best side to not win the World Cup, and he captained the 1978 team that returned to the championship game only to lose to the host nation yet again.

PS: A hat-tip to @retro_mbm for re-tweeting @barafundler‘s message that noted today is Krol’s brirthday and included the link this video. Follow @retro_mbm if you’re interested in the history of the game (“Modern football? No thanks! Classic matches, as they happened.”).


Suárez shows his fangs

November 23, 2010 — by Sean1

The Cannibal of Ajax

Uruguayan and Ajax striker Luis Suárez has been suspended from play by his own squad for biting PSV Eindhoven winger Otman Bakkal (you can hear the commentator reference Tyson in the video below).

Suárez and Forlan were so impressive during the summer’s World Cup, and we’ve hoped the best for the both. Forlan has been lackluster, but Suárez has 6 goals this season and though he’s not allowed to play in league matches for a couple games, he will be in play for the champions leagie match against Madrid.


Fulham: Jol Problems?

July 20, 2010 — by Sean

Where is that boy with my herring?

Trouble brewing for Fulham, as Martin Jol’s club Ajax don’t look like they’ll release their manager without a fight (perhaps you remember him from his run at Spurs). From Fulham’s Cheif Executive Alastair Mackintosh as reported by ESPN soccernet:

“There have been quotes attributed to Martin Jol in the Dutch media suggesting he has changed his mind and wants to stay, but that is not our understanding of the situation and we believe the quotes are ambiguous. We feel Martin still wishes to join Fulham.

“However, Ajax refuse to even discuss compensation and are clearly using this window of opportunity to try to persuade Martin to change his mind. There is the possibility that Martin could walk out on Ajax, but there are talks ongoing and there is the hope that everything could be settled amicably.”