August 19, 2010 — by Sean2

World Cup Stadiums Unfit for more Popular S.Africa National Sports

It will be no surprise that the rush to finish the stadiums and infrastructure upgrades before July’s World Cup opener left a rude wake. In a nutshell, the stadiums S. Africa built don’t look like they’ll easily accommodate rugby and cricket, two of the country’s more popular sports, though $1Billion dollars were spent along the way.

“When the event is over, we will still be poor.”


The Capello Index

July 17, 2010 — by Sean

My English is no good, maybe this you understand?

Better go check out this rating system (The Capello Index) that bares the England manager’s name before it’s taken down forever. It has nothing to do with Capello, and the man isn’t happy about it at all. The site only launched today, and may be gone tomorrow. And from the Guardian:

The England manager declared himself “angry” after the ratings were published in his name without his permission. “I did not authorise this and am angry the index was published,” Capello said in a statement released to Press Association Sport.


C. Ronaldo and the Phlegm Wad

June 30, 2010 — by Sean2

Crissy’s ineffectual performance against what looks again to be the team to beat (plus his general lack of a cutting edge in the group games) saw the old temper rise to the surface for a split second. The interweb is abuzz over his latest act of disrespect: hocking a loogie at the feet of a cameraman, then pushing past reporters while seeming to blame his coach for the loss.

Let’s all cut him some slack. He’s an outrageous talent, and part of that is his belief in himself. If he was humble, he would never be such an explosively exciting (though selfish) player to watch. He’s as great as he is bratty, and though you may hate him, you’ll still watch him.


North Korea win the World Cup!

June 29, 2010 — by Sean

Oh Dear Leader, you’re such a dog wagging, tail grabber!

Editor’s note: thanks to some fact checking from our adoring fans, we’ve discovered that it actually says “Hangook” in the upper left corner, which is in South Korea. This suggests that the video originates south of the DMZ, though it may also have been just playing on a set in Hangook…. We will ever know the truth?!

Live Blog

Brazil v Chile: Liveblog/Open Thread

June 28, 2010 — by Suman7

This could very well be the big upset of the tournament, though Brazil have bested the Chilean side 46 times (and lost only 7). Chile have looked strong, however, and Brazil haven’t really put on the flair to which we’re accustomed. Check out these comments about Chile’s quality by the father of total football himself, Johan Cruyff.

Brazil will be happy to have Kaka back from suspension, meaning Baptista will be taking a seat. Chile have Carmona and Fernandez ready, but don’t have the excellent Marco Estrada at their disposal. They’re also without Medel and Ponce — all three to suspension.

We’ll be sporadic on this one, familial responsibilities, etc. Starting lineups and some commentary after the bump! Your comments welcome!


Argentina v Mexico: Open Thread

June 27, 2010 — by Sean46

Let’s hope today’s second match proves to be a little more balanced than that last display. Argentina are among the favorites to lift the Cup, though they looked a shambles in qualifying with Maradona continuing to sully his iconic reputation (because up ’til now he’s been the poster boy for responsible sanity).

Mexico have been impressive as well, and though they are sure to be outclassed in the midfield, they possess a dangerous attacking duo in Dos Santos and Vela, and Salcido in back has been great getting forward and creating chances from the wings.

Argentina are dripping with quality, with Messi the obvious standout. But they can score from anywhere on the pitch, and with strikers like Inter’s Milito on the bench (Tevez and get the starts up front, with Messi in an attacking midfield position just behind them), Maradona has an abundance of options should one not be firing on all cylinders today.

It’s an open thread again (we like to save the liveblog action for the workdays), so please make some noise with your comments!