Goals of the Weekend, Pt 3: Toure & Tevez

January 18, 2011 — by Suman

Following up on our posts showing the fantastic goals by Cani and Ibrahimovic, here are a few more candidates.  The top two slots in the following rundown of top goals in England were claimed by Man City in their win over Wolves: the top slot goes to Tevez, for what is admittedly a fine individual effort.

But more interesting is #2, with Yaya Toure’s B2B run–it’s not the finish itself that was spectacular, but the run.  Watch the replay closely to see how Toure starts the play at the top of Man City penalty box, makes the run, and receives the ball back (from the newly acquired Edin Dzeko) at the top of Wolves’ penalty box.  Toure is becoming a true box-to-box player for Man City, in a way that he didn’t get scope for with Barcelona.

We also rather like #4: Robin van Persie’s finish for Arsenal, off a rolling cross from Theo Walcott, made possible by a perfect dummy by Samir Nasri.

Video: PL: Goals of the Week