A 2nd Candidate for Goal of the Weekend: Ibrahimović vs Lecce

January 17, 2011 — by Suman1

We’ll still go with Cani’s stunning goal for Villareal as the top goal of the weekend, but Ibrahimović’s strike for AC Millan vs Lecce yesterday was not bad either:

Update: Larry chimed in with this YouTube link, commenting “Nothing, i mean, nothing beats this”–we can’t really disagree:

That goal is presumably the one mentioned in Ibrahimović’s Wikipedia bio thusly: “he scored a breathtaking goal against NAC on 22 August 2004, a goal that was eventually voted the ‘Goal of the Year’ by Eurosport viewers.”

A interesting little historical note occurs just after that: “On 18 August 2004, Ibrahimović injured fellow Ajax teammate Rafael van der Vaart during an international match against the Netherlands, which led to accusations from van der Vaart that Ibrahimović had hurt him intentionally. This led to Ibrahimović’s sudden sale to Juventus on 31 August.”  This is particularly interesting and timely as Ibrahimović’s AC Milan will be facing van der Vaart’s Spurs in the upcoming Champions League Round of 16.

"I'm fancy huh"

While we’re on about Zlatan highlights, might as well..