Mark Hughes is Super Classy

November 19, 2010 — by Sean1

Mark Hughes cum perm

Manchester City Travel to London to meet Fulham this weekend, the main story being a chance at revenge for good ol’ Sparky. He was unceremoniously dumped by the oil billionaires for not winning quickly enough after their big cash injection, but you could see  that he was trying to build a foundation and a team for the future instead of blindly piling superstar on top of superstar in willy nilly fashion.

This fixture provides Fulham’s gaffer the opportunity to strike back, and sometimes these managers will be goaded into a war of words. Not so for the distinguished once-striker, who simply remarked:

“Once the door on my career as a manager at Manchester City was closed then I moved on. I don’t hold grudges. I’m not bitter about the situation. The only thing that affects is yourself. Why drag yourself down with things that have happened in the past? You have to move on and look for other challenges.”

You are one classy gent, Mr. Hughes.