Antonio Cassano – WTF?

November 2, 2010 — by Sean

When in Rome...

Reports from Italy have been coming for about a week now regarding Sampdoria and Italy striker Antonio Cassano and his fallout with the president of the Serie A Club Riccardo Garrone. Cassano hasn’t had a smooth and subtle career, not at Roma where he fell out with Totti, not at Real Madrid where he fought with Fabio Capello, not on the national team where he openly criticized Macello Lippi, and now not at Sampdoria, where he has apparently tweaked the president of the club the wrong way.

It’s not clear exactly what he did to raise such ire. Some say it all started when Cassano stood up Garrone at a public event, where he’d promised to make a showing in support of the president and his club. Other refer to verbal tirades and cursing fits directed at Garrone. What is known is that Cassano issued a public apology, or so he says, though he has refused to put it in writing:

“I am very disappointed at what happened and have already apologised to president Garrone, who I care for very much, in front of my team-mates. I read that this whole affair might have been linked to transfer speculation, but I confirm that – if given the opportunity – it is my firm intention to remain at Sampdoria.”

At first this alluded to apology seemed to smooth ruffled feathers, but turns out nothing was mended, and now Sampdoria look set to release their #1 striker without trying to sell him, just to be rid of him. It’s all gone to the league bigwigs for the final stamp and seal, but it looks like Cassano is moving on down the road.

And in one more bit of madness, Nicola Pozzi, Cassano’s replacement for i Blucerchiati has been banned by Serie A for blaspheming in the dressing room after a game. What could that even mean?