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202 Messi Goals–Video

Rob Kirby November 4, 2011 Commentary, Video Comments Off

Leo scores 202 goals for Barcelona. Incedible.

Pelé, in a recent interview, called Lionel Messi the best of the current generation, but saved the ultimate all-time-best plaudits for himself, referring to himself in the third person throughout (naturally). The royal we, we were amused.

Messi has been incredible for Barcelona. Less so, perhaps, for his home country but give the guy a break. Perhaps that makes Messi and Pelé inversions of one another, in a way. Pelé, meet Bizarro Pelé, or perhaps the other way around.
Regardless, check out these 202 Messi goals, no filler. Credit, I believe, goes to Jack McRobert, as his name fills the upper right hand corner annoyingly and conspicuously throughout. (Subtle.)

Question: The musical accompaniment, does it drive you crazy or not? Discuss.

I recently checked myself into a piano trauma hospital. I’m not saying there’s a direct causal connection. Except I am.

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