Carpenter’s Crush: (More) Samir Nasri

December 8, 2010 — by Tyler

Someday you too could earn a $15M bonus from oil barons

“Little Zidane”, “New Zizou”, “The next Zidane”

Samir Nasri’s nicknames, preposterous and premature, were heaped upon him not just because he possesses raw talent and vision, but because he shares a basic story with Zidane: Algerian parents emigrate to Marseille, build “street cred” while playing ball.

Let’s be clear, there is only one Zidane, and Nasri needs to demonstrate much more than an ill-timed headbutt to enjoy more substantial comparisons. But anything’s possible, right? After all, he’s only 23…

His 2 goals vs. Fulham this weekend were absolutely ridiculous. The second and game-winner will surely stand as one of this season’s best.

Goal 1: “cool, calm, and collected…”

Goal 2: “That is why people pay money to watch football.”

I’m reminded of a goal he scored in a Champions League match against Porto last year, as if he was dribbing amongst cardboard cutouts. I quite enjoy the fact that the play-by-play is in Arabic…

(Cautiously detatching myself from Cesc, one game at a time… Love is a fickle thing!)

Top of the table, Gunners, if only for a week!