CFR Cluj Eliminated from Champs League

November 24, 2010 — by Sean

Romanian side CFR Cluj were bested away to FC Basel in group play today, effectively eliminating them from the knockout phase of the tournament. It was a meeting of minnows, but with great consequences, and while the Cruj players clearly didn’t have the belly fire to mount a proper offensive, their manager, Sorin Cârţu, tried motivating his men with an impromptu act of passion from the sidelines.

Basel is left with a game against Roma for a chance to advance. They’ll need a win to tie on points, and that same win will give them a goal advantage to put them through to the next stage. Unfortunately for the Swiss side, Roma are finding their footing at home, and their win against Munich today suggests they’re clear favorites.

But back to Cârţu and his managerial methods. You won’t often see such a dramatic display outside lucha libre…