Santos Want to Keep Ganso & Neymar

August 17, 2010 — by Sean

Even more great stuff from Mark Gannon on the ground in Brazil. Following quickly from the Neymar news comes this next piece that also includes fretting over Ganso. Santos is bleeding offensive weapons, and are looking to staunch the flow. Follow the link for the original from Globo Esporte.

Mano and Zagallo advise Neymar and Ganso to stay in Brazil
Current and former coaches of the Seleção ran a sort of “Stay, Neymar and Ganso” campaign during an event on Monday
By Leandro Canônico and Marcelo Prado, São Paulo

Is Neymar going off to Europe?  Is Ganso following the same path?  If it depended on the opinions of Mano Menezes, coach of the Seleção, and Zagallo, four-time world champ with Brazil, the answers would be the same: no.  On Monday afternoon, in an event held by a CBF sponsor (translator says: from the pics, it looks like it was Gillette), both defended the idea of the two Santos stars staying longer in “the football country.”

“I think it’s really early for a 17, 18, 19 year old player to leave Brazil.  The base has to be built here.  Obviously, the players always want to go for financial reasons, but in Neymar’s case, he would be going to an environment that isn’t good for his body type.  He needs to gain more weight.  So it’s better to wait and leave when he’s 21 or 22,” declared Zagallo, talking about Chelsea’s proposal to the player.On the same stage with Zagallo, the “Boys of the Vila” (young Santos stars) and world champs Cafu and Bebeto, coach Mano Menezes also spoke about the subject.

“I may be the one who most wants them to stay in Brazil.  In these cases I have an opinion very similar to Zagallo’s.  We still haven’t found the formula to make our players stay longer here.  But I obviously have to respect Neymar’s interests.  But thinking about Brazilian football, them staying is beneficial,” opined the Seleção’s commander.

Visibly uncomfortable with the subject being debated at the sponsor’s launch event, Neymar didn’t say whether he’ll stay or go.  He remained “on top of the wall” and then went as far as to say that he would like to leave to be a starter, not a reserve.“I don’t know if I’ll go or stay.  There’s a lot that has to happen still.  But to go and sit on the bench is no good.  It would be better to stay here.  Obviously, I’ll take into account Mano and Zagallo’s opinions.  It might be too early to leave,” said Neymar.

The Santos forward has a multi-million pound offer from Chelsea.  The club offered € 30 MM (R$67.8 MM).  But Santos wants the full value of the rescision penalty in his contract: € 35 MM (R$79.1 MM).