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  [Editor’s note: Tyler wrote this piece of Arsenal wisdom, not Rob. And now we commence.] Aw, c’mon guys. Why so glum? We ripped Besiktas apart, 1-0, over two games! We beat Crystal Palace, 2-1–but [...]


Civilian Soccer Tyrants: Leeds and Massimo

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Zanetti in DC, Near a Garden, Meeting Eden

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[Extreme conditioning, cribbed from 1950s Communist Hungary? After last night’s 2-1 victory over Ghana in the coastal heat of Natal, that’s the ideal method for Klinsmann and the U.S. team as they stare down the [...]

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Long suffering Indomitable Leeds correspondent at large Lawrence Eden was minding his own international man of mystery veterinarian business today when he ran across former Inter Milan maestro Javier Zanetti in downtown Washington, D.C., fiddling [...]

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  [Editor’s note: We welcome back contributing writer and longtime friend Ryan Reft.  He’s kindly allowed us to repost this essay from his groupblog Tropics of Meta.  For some of his past contributions to CultFootball [...]

Clericus Cup
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[Editor’s note: This is the 4th installment in the ongoing Dictators and Soccer series. See also the previous installments on Kim Jong-il and North Korea (or Football, Famine and Giant Rabbits), Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania [...]

Scenes from the February 2012 pitch invasion in Port Said, Egypt, before the lights were shut off, with police collusion. The massacre killed 74 and injured over 1,000.

2012 Egyptian Stadium Massacre Still Killing

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