MVH: Jesus Navas

July 9, 2010 — by AmyChiu

Jesus saves.

In the highly anticipated semifinal game between Germany and Spain, a Euro Cup 2008 championship rematch, a German octopus is the star and Spain’s bench becomes my top priority.

In case you haven’t heard, Paul, a “psychic” octopus from the Sea Life Aquarium in the city of Oberhausen, has correctly called every World Cup game involving the German team thus far.  And before today’s game, Paul predicted Spain would be victorious. Way to go, octopus!  Your country wants to make you dinner, but at least you were right…

Onto more important things.  Spain’s 1-0 victory will put them in the World Cup final against Netherlands on Sunday.  Sooooo, who are we looking at? Carles Puyol? The lone goal scorer of the Germany v Spain game?  I think not.  He’s got game, but he’s not really a looker.  I think we should take a look at the bench. Jesus Navas.  24 year-old forward born November 21, 1985 in Los Palacios y Villafranca, Seville.  Navas joined the Sevilla FC youth system at 15. Heeeey. Currently, he plays for La Liga club Sevilla FC.

Side note: The blue-eyed muffin suffers from chronic homesickness. Sad face.  He has walked out of training camps within Spain because they were too far away from Seville and has quit playing internationally because anxiety from being away from home.  Big cry baby? Sensitive soul? Toss up.

Thank goodness for us, Navas decided to overcome his condition and play for his country because, “To play for your country is the greatest thing and I hope to be able to, too.”  Sigh. I’m moving to Seville.