No longer lovely, vivacious, or in South Africa

July 1, 2010 — by Larry

That is what 28 hours of traveling from Durban, through Johannesburg and Atlanta, to Chicago will do to a person.  Sadly, circumstances prevented consistent access to webbernet facilities, so I had to return before continuing this activity.  Apparently some worried that bad things had occurred.  Rest assured, no problems, except for my lack of vigilance in note taking for the remainder of the trip.  I shall endeavor to recreate the remainder of the trip in its roughly chronological order.

Picking up the story, we left Cape Town having done virtually zero of the important local activities.  Our visit to the District Six museum showed a nasty part (one of many) of the Apartheid era.  The government declared a large, multi-cultural neighborhood to be Whites-Only, shipped the residents to projects on the other sided of the mountain, and leveled the area except for places of worship.  The outrage over this proved immense enough within South Africa to delay any development long enough for the system to change.  Today the whole area remains virtually undeveloped, with streets and streets of bare grassland providing mute testament.

District Six today. Lion's head in the background.

We scalped our first Robben Island experience to German journalists willing to pay double, then the winter weather canceled the ferries for our other attempt.  Which meant not riding up to the top of Table Mountain on day two proved a mistake as well.  Alas, reason to return.